Re: Unicode support on Macintosh?

From: Yung-Fong Tang (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 20:01:29 EST

Deborah Goldsmith wrote:

> on 12/9/1999 12:05 PM, Pete Resnick <> wrote:
> > 1. Mail readers are just starting to deal with UTF-8 in general. The
> > latest versions of OE and Netscape do, and our recently released beta
> > of Eudora can display it OK. But anything older and you're up the
> > creek.
> I believe PowerMail also supports UTF-8.
> > 2. The particular glyphs you're interested in are a problem. The s
> > with dot under and t with dot under aren't in any of the normally
> > installed fonts (or at least the latest version of the Apple Unicode
> > Converter doesn't know of any conversion), and i with overbar is only
> > in one of the Chinese fonts which I bet a bunch of people don't
> > install.
> Actually, i with macron (U+012B) is in all of our standard fonts: Geneva,
> Times, etc. It's not in MacRoman, however, and thus only accessible through
> ATSUI, which none of the mail programs use yet.
> The other two are in the Extended Latin Additional range (U+1Exx) and our
> fonts don't have those characters right now. However, ATSUI does fine in
> displaying these characters if you have the right fonts (see image).

Fine ? Try to display these text with font size ~ 9,10,11,12 first. From my
experiences, ATSUI does not generate glyph in commerical quality for these
sizes- at least in my MacOS 8.5. (Sorry to say that Deborah) I have not try
MacOS 9 yet. Hopefully you already fix that problem.

> Of course, for this to be of use to customers, the e-mail client vendors
> would have to use ATSUI (hint, hint).
> Deborah Goldsmith
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