Unicode in Microsoft Notepad, WinWord, and Word

From: Allan, Ryan (Allanr@itronix.com)
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 15:02:44 EST

I work for a company that produces handheld PC's that run Windows CE. We
are having a problem with transferring text files from the handhelds to a
desktop PC via PCMCIA card and editing these files under Notepad and then
transferring them back to the handheld PC via the PCMCIA card. When you
open the file on the handheld using NPP.exe, basically a text editor such as
Notepad for the CE environment, after this procedure is done, there are
extra unicode characters added that were not input from the editing. Was
wondering if anyone had any knowledge of this problem and how it can be
avoided? Is there a word processing application that can be used that will
not add the extra unicode characters, or does anyone know how these extra
characters are added in the first place from the Notepad application? Does
anyone know anything about the NPP.EXE application and how it recognizes

Any help would be appreciated,
Ryan Allan

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