Re: Unicode in Microsoft Notepad, WinWord, and Word

From: Christopher John Fynn (
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 22:21:42 EST

+AD4- Have you tried using PocketWord? It runs on WinCE and uses the RichEdit
+AD4- edit control engine, which is Unicode based. PocketWord isn't shipped on
+AD4- all WinCE platforms, though. (Sigh+ACE-)
+AD4- Murray

Isn't the +ACo-standard+ACo- character encoding in Win CE supposed to be Unicode?

Alan's problem seems to be the extra (Unicode) characters added when he
opened or created text files under Win CE. I presume he is refering to the
character which some MS applications use to flag / identify a text file as
This shouldn't show up if the file is opened up in Win NT 4 or CE but other
versions of Windows may not understand it. Under +ACI-File, Save As+ACI- Notepad
in Windows NT gives you the option of saving text files +ACI-as Unicode+ACI-.
Unchecking this box should get rid of the extra character.

- Chris

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