Re: Languages and associated fonts in IE5

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 22:46:13 EST

Regarding these additional fonts and one of its associated dialog box in
IE5, I'd like to mention that the French localization is suboptimal.

+AKs- Based sur le latin +ALs- is not a French sentence but Frenglish. The names of
the languages are also highly dubious: +AKs- mongolien +ALs-, for instance, is today
an unpolitically correct term for what is now termed +AKs- trisomique+ALs- (Down's
syndrome), the language is called +AKs- mongol +ALs- while +AKs- Telugou +ALs- (no accent)
is again an hybrid between the English telugu and the French +AKs- t+AOk-lougou +ALs-.

Microsoft, and its localizers, may be interested in the upcoming
translation of the ISO 10646 (1999) in French which may help them alleviate
some of these these problems...

P. Andries

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+AD4- Does anyone know if there is a way to add additional languages and their
+AD4- associated fonts to the those available under Tools, Options, Read Fonts
+AD4- IE5 and OE? Currently many of the blocks of Unicode are not covered by
+AD4- list.
+AD4- - Chris

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