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Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 01:59:04 EST

At 08:15 -0800 1999/12/12, wrote:
>I also suspect that the Japanese furigana could one day become so common
>that they will end up to be included directly over the glyph of each kanji.
>If this should happen now, it would be a nuisance for Unicode because it
>would force the inclusion in the standard of separate code-points for each
>one of the several on and kun pronunciations of each kanji.

Surely not. We ought to be able to restrict the additions to a set of
combining, i.e. non-spacing, hiragana, at worst. %-[

Much better to allow furigana only in files with markup, and leave
them as glyph variants of the standard kana. *<8o{>

> (But, well, this
>impression probably comes by the fact that the only the Japanese literature
>I can afford are comics...)
>- Marco

Have you seen the magazine MangaJin? (Yes, it's a bilingual pun.) It
teaches Japanese through a wide range of manga, including Japanese
translations of American strips.

Edward Cherlin
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