Basic questions

From: Francois-Xavier Bergot (
Date: Sat Dec 18 1999 - 09:59:28 EST


I'm just a newbie at Unicode and especially at its use in some
applications. So I have some questions and your answers would be
very helpful.

How does an algorithm for searching text strings in unicode perform
compared to algorithms for searching text strings in ISO Latin charsets ?
Is not the 2 byte representation too much of a burden ?
(I have read the UTR #10 and #15 about collation and normalization)

Does a font with every glyph of Unicode 2.0 exist ? If not, is there a
technical reason for ? I know that some fonts like Lucida Sans Unicode,
Cyberbit and a few other ones exist.

What are the mailers or the editors (for different OS) which fully support
Unicode ?


Francois-Xavier Bergot

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