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From: Edward Cherlin (
Date: Sun Jan 02 2000 - 02:18:42 EST

>Bill Mallon wrote:
> > Mark-
> > I hope this question isn't too trivial for you. I write material about
> > the Olympics and for the International Olympic Committee and have been
> > hampered by lack of support in ASCII for many of the foreign
> > diacriticals.

It will help us to help you if you can specify which diacritics you
need, and for which countries. Is it just a question of the usual
26x2 Latin alphabet letters together with combining diacritics, or
are we really going global this time? German es-zet? Turkish dotless
i? Polish barred L? Croatian LJ ligature? Vietnamese? Latin Extended
A and B?

> > Unicode is a perfect solution. I do have Microsoft Word
> > 2000 and Visual FoxPro 6.0 which is how I input most of the data.

Are you using MS Unicode Arial then, so there is no question of
coverage? Do you need other fonts?

> > there any shorthand way to insert a Unicode character in those programs
> > short of going into Insert->Symbol, and choosing the appropriate
> > Unicode?

Have you activated the International keyboard that comes with
Windows? It provides for typing letters with six diacritics (acute,
grave, circumflex, dieresis, tilde, ring). Look in the Keyboard
control panel.

Have you installed language support for any of the languages you
need? One or more keyboard layouts is supplied for each, usually with
the needed diacritics.

You can also use autocorrect in MS Office to define codes for
inserting accented letters; or create macros and assign keyboard
shortcuts to them; or put them on a menu or toolbar; or type codes
for the diacritics and do global searches and replaces afterwards to
put in the letters;...

> > Thank you for your time.
> >
> > Bill Mallon

You're welcome.

At 19:25 -0800 2000/01/01, Mark E. Davis wrote:
>It's not trivial at all. I'm afraid that I can't be much help. On Windows,
>I actually use FrontPage for most of my documents, so that I can post them
>without worrying about conversion gremlins. For Unicode character there, I
>just switch to HTML to type in the character code if I know it (e.g.
>π for PI - ) , or keep the CharMap program always up in the corner
>for visual selection. Unfortunately, you can't just hit a button in the
>CharMap to have it go into the program (you have to copy and paste also).
>I know on the Mac there are simple visual editors (like Resedit) that let
>you make a keyboard with whatever characters you want on them.

First time I've heard ResEdit called "simple". The usual description
is "dangerous". I posted a short How-to on hacking keyboards in
ResEdit here sometime last year, and I can send it to anyone else who
needs it.

>You with a
>command key you can switch to for typing different characters. There are
>probably similar programs available on Windows, but you'd have to search
>them out.

I haven't found any.

>I will post this also to the Unicode mailing list; perhaps
>someone there can help.

HTH. YMMV. TINAR. Caveat lector. TTFN.

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