RE: Unicode and Word

From: Janko Stamenovic (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 07:23:55 EST

> >I know on the Mac there are simple visual editors (like Resedit) that let
> >you make a keyboard with whatever characters you want on them.
> First time I've heard ResEdit called "simple". The usual description
> is "dangerous". I posted a short How-to on hacking keyboards in
> ResEdit here sometime last year, and I can send it to anyone else who
> needs it.
> >You with a
> >command key you can switch to for typing different characters. There are
> >probably similar programs available on Windows, but you'd have to search
> >them out.
> I haven't found any.

By chance, I am the author of such program for Windows 95 and Windows 98


Free for home use.


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