Syriac and Mongolian joining behavior

Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 10:03:46 EST

I was comparing this file on the Unicode ftp site:

With this document on the www site:
especially this chapter:

ArabicShaping.txt explains Syriac joining in the terms of the same two
joining classes defined for Arabic:
- Right Linking (may join with the letter on right side, totalling 2
contextual forms)
- Dual Linking (may join with the letters on right and/or left sides,
totalling 4 contextual forms)

But .../syriac/joinrule.htm adds a few extra classes that apply to letter

Which one is right for Unicode 3.0? If ArabicShaping.txt file is right, is
the Syriac alaph to be handled with ad-hoc ligatures?

Where could I find similar information about Mongolian?

Thanks for any info.

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