Re: Syriac and Mongolian joining behavior

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 20:44:05 EST

Marco asked:

> Which one is right for Unicode 3.0? If ArabicShaping.txt file is right, is
> the Syriac alaph to be handled with ad-hoc ligatures?

And Mark Davis answered:

> The ArabicShaping file just covers the basic cursive shaping of the
> characters. For the full shaping algorithm, you'll have to consult the text of
> Unicode 3.0 (forthcoming).

But Marco further asked:

> Where could I find similar information about Mongolian?

Unfortunately, the shaping information for Mongolian will *not*
appear in the text of Unicode 3.0 (in press), since the editors were
overwhelmed with all the rest of the text updating and could not put
together the rather complex, detailed script description required for
Mongolian cursive joining and for Mongolian variant selection. (Future
work -- along with many other scripts that deserve more detailed

At the moment, the best source material on that is the latest working
document in WG2 that was used as the basis for development of the
Mongolian amendment for 10646. In particular, I am speaking of the
"Mongolian Reference Table" associated with SC2/WG2 N1711 "A Summary
of the Working Meeting on Mongolian Encoding ATtended by Representatives
of China and Mongolia". That Mongolian Reference Table has a detailed
listing of Monglian glyph variants (cursive joining forms, and
variant-selected forms) associated with each base letter.

Since N1711 is not a published document, to get access to it you need
to work through national standards body committees that have archives
of the WG2 working documents.


> Thanks for any info.
> Marco

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