Re: Mongolian (was RE: Syriac and Mongolian joining behavior

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 15:25:21 EST

Peter asked:

> KW>These are covered by the use of the Mongolian "free
> variation selectors". U+180B, U+180C, U+180D. The exact list of
> which combination of base letter plus which free variation
> selector corresponds to which form can be derived from the
> Mongolian Reference Table. Eventually we will get that worked
> up as a Unicode Technical Report or otherwise as part of the
> standard, so that Mongolian implementations will know how to
> use these variant marks.
> These FVS characters have been added to the Mongolian block to
> be used specifically for Mongolian. It's possible that, at some
> point in the future, though, there might be a valid need for
> something with the same or similar functionality for some other
> script. Was any consideration given to making them part of
> another block, such as general punctuation?

Excruciatingly lengthy, painful, and seemingly interminable consideration
was given to making them part of another block, for general use.

However, the UTC decided to keep these Mongolian specific. The
issue of general-purpose variant marks is still up in the air,
pending decisions about their architecture, about math variants, and
about CJK variants.


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