RE: Unicodeless WAP?

From: Karlsson Kent - keka (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 10:58:37 EST

> Maybe (surely!) some devices targeted at Western European or
> US market will only support ISO-8859-1.
> While some other devices targeted at Japan will support Shift-JIS.

No reasonable and new IT product of any kind will support
ISO/IEC 8859-1 only, if targeted for western Europe. Why?
There is no EURO SIGN character, and never will be.

In connection with GSM, one possible carrier for WAP,
I've only heard of two character encodings: "GSM
default 7-bit", which is an encoding resembling ASCII,
but, e.g. @ is at code 0x00(!) and adding some accented
Latin characters, plus some Greek (very little), and UCS-2.
For other carriers I have no idea.

"Ericsson A, R and T series mobile phones".

See also and

WAP over GPRS (highspeed GSM) appear to be targeting
to use Unicode, as GSM does already for the East Asia

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                /Kent Karlsson

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