Re: AppleWorks and ATSUI

From: Yung-Fong Tang (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 22:36:43 EST

Deborah Goldsmith wrote:

> (I tried sending this a couple of weeks ago with the JPEG image inline, and
> the Unicode list rejected it. Here it is again with the JPEG at a URL.)
> on 1/7/2000 11:19 AM, Elbrecht <> wrote:
> > BTW is there any chance to activate keyboard menu items: Extented Roman
> > (U)
> > and: Unicode Hex Input?
> > While using Mac OS 9 I keep wondering about these gray emminent dummies!
> Those are Unicode-only keyboards, and so only work with applications that
> accept Unicode input directly. That feature was introduced in TSM 1.5, back
> in OS 8.5. Of course, MLTE uses Unicode input, and so those keyboards are
> available in any MLTE application.

Well, which application currently use MLTE ?
I just want to find a sample application to compare against it when I have time
to add this support into mozilla.

> The hex keyboard is like the standard US one, but if you hold the option key
> down you can type 4 hex digits to produce any Unicode code point. The
> extended Roman keyboard is pretty much as its name implies. I've published a
> JPEG image illustrating its layout at:
> <>
> I hope this helps...
> Deborah Goldsmith
> Manager, International Toolbox Group
> Apple Computer, Inc.

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