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Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 06:19:31 EST

Ar 13:07 -0500 2000-03-13, scríobh Tex Texin:

>With respect to the capitalization debate, it seems to me from the
>(limited) information presented, that
>a) small vs. large first, is insignificant
>b) that it cannot be readily determined from studying past practices.

In my N688 I present actual evidence rather than hearsay.

>This suggests to me that case is simply unimportant,
>since some other trait seems to readily take precedence over case.
>(Even though case ordering may ultimately be needed for determinacy.)

In preparing Nicholas Williams' new English-Cornish dictionary
(, which for various reasons was sorted
manually (!) I had to deal with case ordering choices quite regularly.

>It also suggests to me, that looking at sorting of existing documents
>may not be useful in resolving the debate, since reviewing the case
>ordering does not disclose whether the document was truly ordered
>based on case or some other facet of the text that simply makes it
>appear that one or the other case is primary.

Often one can tell, though. If one is careful in one's analysis. Alain's
remarks about the full OED show in incorrect analysis.

>To that end, it is easy enough to offer users a choice of upper or lower
>case first...

Please do.

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