RE: Mixing languages on a Web site

Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 10:43:50 EDT

Antoine Leca wrote:
> Hmmm. Writing from top of my head (which is *not* the good
> way to go in such a list), I understood that Unicode was
> the default character set, [...]

You are right (see

> OTOH, I believe that for upward compatibility, the default
> encoding [...] is supposed to be iso-8859-1, [...]

I was wrong, and you are right for HTML as served HTTP 1.1. The current
trend is that HTML has no default encoding (see so, yes, the meta tag
should always be there in a decent page.

> Well, with current generation browsers (IE5 or Netscape 6),
> it can even work with a font for Japanese and a different
> font for Turkish.

Right, using language tagging within the document

> Yes, but wouldn't it be a very good idea to resume these
> answers in some FAQ at Unicode (or W3C) site, [...]

But it is much easier to bang out inaccurate answers from one's memory :-(
Sorry for having been careless one more time.

W3C has than nice section I've been mentioning so far

Unicode has a FAQ (, a technical
introduction (, and
a glossary ( Probably the
Unicode FAQ should be updated periodically with questions asked on *this*
list, such as problems authoring web pages, selecting fonts, etc.

Among independent documentation, I would cite at least Roman Czyborra's site
(, that is remarkably informative.

_ Marco

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