RE: Subject lines in UTF-8 mssgs? [was: Proposal to make ...]

From: Chris Wendt (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 21:38:33 EDT

From: Christopher J. Fynn []
>In Outlook Express under Tools, Options, Send, International Settings
>it is possible to specify that only English (? ASCII) is used in headers

This is relevant when you are running with a non-English OS locale. It will
prevent entering non-usascii characters for day and month names in the reply
header so as to not force you to send in UTF-8 in case you write in a
different script than the OS locale is.

>and under Tools, Options, Send, Plain Text Settings & Tools, Options,
>Send, HTML Settings it is possible to specify whether or not 8-bit
>characters may be used in message headers.

This does not prevent non-usascii characters in the header. It only decides
if the non-usascii characters will be RFC1522 encoded or sent as raw 8-bit
bytes - each in the chosen encoding.

>These settings seem to apply whatever encoding is used for the body
>of the message.

Yes, correct.

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