Re: Eudora?

From: Jaap Pranger (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 10:01:48 EDT

At 19:36 +0200 2000.07.12, Pete Resnick wrote:

>The latest version of Mac Eudora lets you read UTF-8. If I can get my
>act together, the next version may let you write. I'm not sure what
>we'll be able to get into Windows for the next version.

What about the present Win Eudora? Can it send any CP125x
text as UTF-8? Single CP, multiple?

I'm not after any secrets but could you briefly explain what
kind of things one needs to get that writing act together? (MLTE?)

If the latest Eudora works with TEC what is the function of the
still built-in Eudora Tables? Do they take over in TEC-less Systems?
Can I still get external Tables to work with 4.3 under OS 9.x?
(The reason I ask is a maybe misguided wish for control over

I suppose that whatever UTF-8 text Mac Eudora receives, it can
only display the repertoire of a single Mac script/encoding.

What is it that makes the difference for a) a browser that
can display chars from several Mac scripts at the same time, and
b) an application like Eudora that can not. Dependence on
text drawing engines like MLTE or WASTE versus QuickDraw or
is it (much) more? (I hope the question is as clear as the
evidence for my ignorance .. )

If the incoming UTF-8 in a Mac Eudora message represents a larger
repertoire than that of a single Mac script/encoding, is it possible to
somehow copy the UTF-8 bytes in order that the full text of the message
can be displayed in a browser? Or, better yet, with an AppleScript and
TEC OSAX, could I get the text in the right fonts in a WP?
(provided fonts, language kits etc. are in place.)

Please educate me where the
terminology was wrong.



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