Re: Subset of Unicode to represent Japanese Kanji?

From: Kevin Bracey (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 06:51:44 EDT

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> Technically, a Japanese document can be written in all Roman characters,
> but this is not a true Japanese document. It is very difficult to read and
> it leads to ambiguity and misunderstanding. It was only used back in the
> Telex days, when people had no choice.

It is acceptable for a limited-capability device to display Japanese just
using katakana characters (under 64 8x16 glyphs). I've seen this in Japan
in such things as shop tills, and minidisc players displaying track names.

Anything more advanced than that (such as the funky digital oscilliscope
we've just obtained) will display the basic Kanji set (6500-odd 16x16
glyphs). That should need less than 256K of storage space.

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