RE: Subset of Unicode to represent Japanese Kanji?

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Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 14:05:48 EDT

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> Kevin Bracey wrote:
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> > Useless Basic Latin only 95
> > Limited [...] + halfwidth katakana 158
> > Standard [...] + JIS X 0208 7037
> > Above average [...] + JIS X 0212 13104
> If these memory constraint are really hard, there can be several
> intermediate levels between "Limited" and "Standard".


        Or you can be terminally practical...

        1.) Write out all your Japanese strings, Kanji and all, as you wish
them to appear on your display.

        2.) Make a table containing only those characters, numbering them
from 0 on up. Sort them by Unicode character number, low to high. This is
your character list.

        3.) Create an array indexed by the table entry that contains the
Unicode character number in each poosition to match the character list.
This is your lookup array.

        4.) Create an array of bitmap information for the characters which
is, of course, index matched to the lookup array. This is your bitmap

        5.) Store you strings in the Unicode format of your choice.

        6.) To display, simply get the Unicode value of each character,
perform a binary search (fast!) on the lookup array, and get the bitmap info
from the bitmap array to display.

        This could give you full Kanji support in very tight memory.



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