RE: Pronunciation of "Unicode"

Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 06:05:52 EDT

> There are distinct ['ju ni kowd] and ['ju n@ kowd] camps, as well as
> a small [ju 'ni kowd] contingent (if I understand your transcription
> correctly).

I thought the alternatives were only ['junikoud] vs. ['unikoud].

I'm glad to see that the initial [j-] is not in discussion! Knowing that
"Unicode" begins with a consonant, I can finally select the proper definite
article in Italian: it is thus "lo Unicode", not "l'Unicode".

So, the "(al)lo Unicode" that slipped in
"" was not
a blunder, after all.

Notice that also the Arabic translation by Mike Ksar
explicitly assumes an initial [j-]: his Arabic transliteration,
re-transliterated, is "Yuwnikuwd" (the short "i" being just my guess).

Only Michel Suignard's French translation
implicitly assumes no initial [j-], as he uses "d'Unicode" ([duni,kod] or
[dyni,kod]) vs. *"de Unicode" ([d@ juni,kod]).

_ Marco

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