Re: Pronunciation of "Unicode"

From: John Cowan (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 11:09:52 EDT wrote:

> > Where do you see alternatives? It is pronounced [ynikOd], obviously.
> > No place for any doubt here.
> Why not [yniko]? In France you drink a lot of [p@Rno], not [p@Rnod].

That would be spelled "Unicod", which in English would refer to a certain

> And, anyway, the correct pronunciation is [uni'kode]. What's the purpose of
> writing a final vowel if you don't read it?
> :-) Marco

Precisely not to lose the final consonant. The French, in their infinite
wisdom, have decreed that the last letter shall always be silent (with annoying
exceptions like "avec"); this makes their language easy to pronounce and
impossible to spell. Of course, this is emphatically a case of the pot
calling the kettle black....


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