RE: Designing a multilingual web site

From: Munzir Taha (
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 11:25:47 EDT

>notepad always saves Unicode-encoded files with the appropriate signature
byte sequence,
>like most other Microsoft-apps and many other well-behaved applications.
>They are the first 2 to 4 bytes in the text file, encode U+feff in the
particular encoding
>scheme, and are as follows:

>utf-8: ef bb bf
>utf-16be: fe ff
>utf-16le: ff fe
>utf-32be: 00 00 fe ff
>utf-32le: ff fe 00 00 (check before utf-16le!)
>scsu: 0e fe ff (unfortunately rather rarely used)

Sorry for being a dummy about this. But I can't understand where these bytes
lie. How can I see them or check them? If it's a long subject to be
explained, please refer me to where I can get more info about this subject,
will you?

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