What is "Unicode" in Chinese?

From: Becker, Joseph (Joseph.Becker@pahv.xerox.com)
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 16:00:30 EDT

It seems that Chinese is the only major language in which the term "Unicode"
needs to be translated rather than transliterated. It may be time to gather
up current usage and select an "official" translation, and perhaps to bless
one or more informal ones.

We have collected these candidates so far:

統一碼 tongyi ma unified/unification code
單碼 dan ma unit code
(標準)萬國碼 (biaojun) wanguo ma (standard) multinational code
國際碼 guoji ma international code

Please let us know if you have found these or other terms in actual current
usage. Or, if you have another suggestion, even better than all those.

Note that the goal here is simply to find the distinctive translation for
the term "Unicode", not to designate any other international or Chinese
standards related to Unicode.


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