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This is an open invitation for people interested in the ICU Unicode library.
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From: "Helena Shih" <hshih@jtcsv.com>
Subject: First ICU Developer Workshop Survey

Hi everyone. The ICU project management committee (PMC) is planning to host
a two-day ICU developer's meeting this coming September right after the
Unicode conference. The purpose of this workshop meeting is to provide an
opportunity for the new or seasoned ICU users to learn more about the
current ICU features, design goals/architecture, future directions and so
on. The workshop is currently scheduled for September 11 and 12 and the
location will be in Cupertino, California, USA.

In order to better design an agenda that will satisfy most people, I'd like
to ask those who are interested in coming to the workshop to fill out the
attached survey (in both Word and HTML format) before we complete the final
workshop agenda. Please submit the survey by the end of day, August 4th.
You can either email the survey back to me at hshih@jtcsv.com or fax it to
+1 408-777-5890.

If you have any other suggestions or comments, please also feel free to add
them to the document before submitting it. Once the survey request is
completed, more details on the workshop is to follow shortly.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Helena Shih


First International Components for Unicode Developer Workshop

September 11-12, 2000 Cupertino, California

Session Survey

Name: ______________________________________

Title: _______________________________________

Company: ___________________________________

Email: ______________________________________

Work Phone Number: __________________________

Work Address: _______________________________





The purpose of this survey is to design a complete ICU workshop agenda that will better assist the ICU users to understand the ICU technologies and proper deployment of the ICU Unicode support in their products.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----

General Information

Please let us know which ICU components you would like to learn more about. Please write a number from 1 to 9 in the order of the subjects that you are interested in, 1 being the highest and 9 the lowest.

[ ] Basic Unicode Support including Unicode character properties , UnicodeString and iterator interface

[ ] Locale and Resource Management including ResourceBundle

[ ] Data Accessing Mechanism and Packaging Facilities

[ ] Date/Time Handling including Timezone and Calendar support

[ ] Character Set Conversion

[ ] Formatting and Parsing Number, Time/Date and Messages

[ ] Transformation Support including transliteration, normalization, Bidi and case mapping

[ ] Searching and Sorting

[ ] Text Analysis including boundary detection

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----

Beginnerís Level

Please check off the sessions and topics that you are most interested of.

[ ] Basic i18n/Unicode Understanding:

[ ] What are UTF8, UTF-16 and UTF-32?

[ ] How are they different from UCS-2 and UCS-4?

[ ] What are the common character encoding schemes?

[ ] Why is a glyph not necessarily equal to a character?

[ ] What kinds of Unicode character property information are provided in ICU?

[ ] What are the string related interfaces in ICU and how and when to use them?

[ ] Others, please specify________________________________________.

[ ] ICU Overall Feature Summary:

[ ] What are the features and support of the current version of ICU?

[ ] Why should I care about them?

[ ] When do I use what feature and tell me briefly how.

[ ] Others, please specify________________________________________.

[ ] ICU Design and Architecture:

[ ] What are the basic architectures that are common to ICU and Java i18n support?

[ ] How are system resources localized?

[ ] What is the threading model?

[ ] How to extend the implementation to include my own code?

[ ] Whatís the error handling model?

[ ] Others, please specify________________________________________.

[ ] Install and Build/Port Process:

[ ] How do I build ICU on Windows and UNIX environments?

[ ] What are the options to configure an ICU build?

[ ] What resource files are necessary to integrate ICU into my product?

[ ] What problems I may run into while porting ICU to a new platform?

[ ] Others, please specify________________________________________.

[ ] Application Level Extensibility:

[ ] What are the common pitfalls in migrating my product to use ICU?

[ ] How do I add new data support (converter, locale etc.) to ICU?

[ ] How do I use the data-packaging tool to package the application data?

[ ] Others, please specify________________________________________.

[ ] ICU Resource Management:

[ ] What is a locale in ICU and Java?

[ ] What type of data can be stored and retrieved natively in ResourceBundle?

[ ] How is the system locale information stored? How do you plan to support the XML locale format in the future?

[ ] What else can I use the ResourceBundle for?

[ ] Others, please specify________________________________________.

[ ] Other Unicode Related Concept or Low-level Utility, please specify ____________________________________________________.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----

Advanced Level

Please check off the sessions and topics that you are most interested of.

[ ] Character Set Conversion Interface:

[ ] What is a converter? Do you only support to and from Unicode conversion?

[ ] What conversion support exists in current release of ICU?

[ ] When do I use which APIs? Faster vs. easier.

[ ] How does the converter handle the error condition?

[ ] What is a callback function for a converter and how do I customize it?

[ ] What is Unicode compression scheme?

[ ] Others, please specify________________________________________.

[ ] Date/Time Utilities:

[ ] What is the date/time support in ICU?

[ ] What is the time zone support in ICU?

[ ] How do I add a new Calendar support in ICU?

[ ] Others, please specify________________________________________.

[ ] Formatting and Parsing Facilities:

[ ] What kind of formatting and parsing support is available in ICU?

[ ] How do I use the NumberFormat to format and parse numbers, currencies and so on?

[ ] How do I use the DateFormat to format and parse dates, time and so on?

[ ] How do I use MessageFormat to format and parse my application error messages?

[ ] Others, please specify________________________________________.

[ ] Transformation Support:

[ ] What kind of case mapping support is available in ICU?

[ ] What is a Transliterator? Is it only for script-to-script transformation? How do I use it to transliterate a document phonetically?

[ ] How do I add my own Transliterator?

[ ] What is Unicode normalization? Why should I care and when do I use it?

[ ] Others, please specify________________________________________.

[ ] Sorting and Searching:

[ ] What is language-sensitive collation and why should I care?

[ ] When do I use the CollationKey and why?

[ ] How can I implement the searching interface based on whatís available now?

[ ] Others, please specify________________________________________.

[ ] Text Analysis Interface:

[ ] How do I find the possible word/sentence/line breaks in my text with ICU?

[ ] Why should I care about the rule-based interface and how do I use it?

[ ] How do I add my own BreakIterator support?

[ ] Others, please specify________________________________________.

[ ] Other ICU support, please specify ________________________.

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