Re: Unicode String literals on various platforms

From: Jeu George (
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 00:41:18 EDT

>In a C program, how do you code Unicode string literals on the following
>Unix (Sun, AIX, HP-UX)
could you explain this more specificallly. maybe give an example where you
need this

>Everything I have read says not to use wchar_t for cross platform apps
>because the size is not uniform, i.e. NT it is an unsigned short (2 bytes)
>while on Unix it is an unsigned int (4 bytes). If you create your own
>or whatever, how do you handle string literals? On NT L"foobar" gives each
>character 2 bytes, but on Unix L"foobar" uses 4 bytes per character.

>worse I suspect is the AS/400 where the string literal is probably in
EBCDIC is used for IBM systems


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