RE: Windows 2000 Chinese IME

From: Sean O Seaghdha (
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 01:05:46 EDT

Ar 3 Aug 2000, ag 18:39 scríobh Chris Pratley
When I use MS Pinyin 2.0 IME on Win2000, I get exactly 4 candidates when I input ma2: »(U+9ebb) 
(U+5417) Æ (U+87c6) 4(U+8534). Each of these is pronounced ma2 as expected.

With NJStar Communicator in standard Pinyin mode (there are many modes) you can add tone info at the
end of a word by pressing Alt+number, e.g. ma ALT+2. Depending on what other options you have selected
you will get a different list of suggested characters. Set for Unicode output, NJStar lists 3 possibilities
(U+9ebb, U+561b & U+87c6) in Simplified mode and an additional 2 (U+75f2 & U+7298) in Traditional mode.

The differences are interesting, but probably well beyond my competence. My dictionary includes U+5417
under má but marks it as a dialect pronunciation - perhaps neutral tone more "correct" for this char? Not
sure why NJStar doesn t include U+8534.

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