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Date: Thu Aug 03 2000 - 22:50:17 EDT

I assume there is a typo below, and that you mean when you type "ma2", you
want only choices that are "ma2", and not ma3", "mashang", etc.
When I use MS Pinyin 2.0 IME on Win2000, I get exactly 4 candidates when I
input "ma2": ? (U+9ebb) ? (U+5417) ? (U+87c6) ? (U+8534). Each of these is
pronounced "ma2" as expected.
Can you clarify what steps you are taking to insert the characters? Are you
typing only "ma" and leaving off the tone number?
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Thank you for your tips concerning Chinese Unicode fonts. It works fine now.

I have tried Windows 2000 Simplified Chinese IME together with the Pinyin
input method. Due to the fact that I have to input a large number of single
Chinese characters (not words) only I would prefer to input Pinyin together
with tone numbers.
E.g. Typing "ma2" into the IME I would like to choose its character only
among characters representing "ma3", not "ma2" or "mashang" etc.
With Windows 2000 Pinyin IME it takes sometimes a very long time before
finding the necessary character.
Is there a solution to this problem ?
Thank you
Viktor Herzberg

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