Re: Zero-width ligator

Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 10:12:33 EDT

I inquired about that recently on the unicoRe list, and was told that the
semantics of ZWJ/ZWNJ will be extended in 3.0.1 (or maybe it was 3.1). You
mentioned that this decision was made at the meeting in February.
Interestingly, I was at that meeting, and my recollection was that
extending the semantics of ZWJ/ZWNJ was going to be given further
consideration, after some people investigated the implications of extending
the semantics of ZWJ, particularly for Indic scripts. But I left before the
meeting was over, and the minutes reflect that a decision was in fact made
(although the weasle word "provisionally" is used).

- Peter

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