RE: is there any way to change already defined character codes?

Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 10:40:00 EDT

On 08/08/2000 06:40:17 AM Marco.Cimarosti wrote:

>(You definitely need an official reply, but let's go on with some more
>informal chatting.)

All the "officials" are busy meeting this week, but the statement, "Can't
be done" is just as true whether it comes from the lips (or... fingertips)
of a Ken Whistler or Mark Davis as from a Marco Cimarosti or a Chris Fynn.
There are enough of us on this list that have a solid understanding of the
standard and its development that a question like this can be answered
without waiting for an "official" answer (though this question really ought
to be answered somewhere on the Unicode web site); if somebody were to give
wrong information, there would be several that wouldn't hesitate to

- Peter

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