[totally OT] Unicode terminology (was Re: string vs. char [was Re: Java and Unicode])

From: Marco Cimarosti (marco.cimarosti@europe.com)
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 11:52:22 EST

David Starner wrote:
> Sent: 20 Nov 2000, Mon 16.18
> To: Unicode List
> Subject: Re: string vs. char [was Re: Java and Unicode]
> On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 06:54:27AM -0800, Michael (michka)
> Kaplan wrote:
> > From: "Marco Cimarosti" <marco.cimarosti@europe.com>
> >
> > > the Surrograte (aka "Astral") Planes.
> >
> > I believe the UTC has deprecated the term Astral planes with extreme
> > prejudice. HTH!
> The UTC has chosen not use the term Astral Plane. Keeping
> that in mind,
> I can chose to use whatever terms I want, realizing of course
> that some
> may not get my point across. The UTC chose Surrogate Planes
> for perceived
> functionality and translatability; I chose Astral Planes for
> perceived grace and beauty.

Well, I am not as angrily pro "Astral Planes" as David is, but I too find
the humorous term prettier than the official one. And I used it because I
think that a few people on this list may still find it clearer than the
official "Surrogate Planes" -- which is more serious and descriptive, but
still relatively new to many.

Moreover, although my attitude towards the UTC (the "government" of Unicode)
is much more friendly than my attitude towards real governments out there
(if people like J. Jenkinks or M. Davis were the President of the USA this
would be a much nicer world!), still I don't feel quite like obeying to any
government's orders, prohoibitions or deprecations without opposing the due

8-) (<-- smiley wearing anti-tear-gas glasses)

_ Marco

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