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Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 01:48:49 EST

At 08:45 -0800 2000/12/1, MULTI-LINGUIST wrote:
>Is it possible to type Urdu in Arabic Windows for a website?? I have
>come to know that Arabic Windows does not support any TTF Urdu
>fonts. Is this true?

I don't know. What code page are you using?

>If it is true, then is it possible to transfer the fonts of
>Universal Word (Urdu typing software) to Arabic Windows and then
>type Urdu?

This can be done from some programs, such as Global Writer. However,
we don't know what formats Universal Word uses. Is there a file
format menu as part of the "Save As" procedure? Does it include any
text formats using any of the character encodings specified in
Unicode 3.0 (preferably UTF-8, but UCS-2 and some others will do)?

>Can we paste the Urdu text into the HTML files?

I strongly doubt it. The HTML files have to be built in UTF-8 or in
ASCII with numeric character entities.

>If someone could also tell whether these fonts would support the
>Unicode system.

If your Urdu fonts are encoded according to a suitable Windows code
page, or contain Unicode mapping data, some versions of Windows can
display Urdu text in any of the Unicode encodings, performing the
character conversions internally. There are also applications that
can display Urdu in such fonts under other versions of Windows.

>I am actually confused.

You are not alone, by any means.

>If all the above is not understandable, can someone simply tell
>which software to use for converting an English Website into URDU??
>And what procedure to follow.
>Best regards
>Paresh Agarwal

I don't know about Arabic Windows, but I know of two alternatives
using U.S. software.

1. Windows 2000 and Word 2000
2. Global Writer or the combination of Global Office and Microsoft
Word on Windows 9.x or NT.

You might be able to find further assistance at


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