RE: (bidi) Determining whether Locales are left-to-right

From: Jonathan Rosenne (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 14:11:10 EST

Localized Hebrew Excel has a button to flip the global direction of the screen
and presentation of the columns - RTL or LTR - and this preference is also
stored in the file.

The user can choose his default. It should not be determined from the locale,
when I open a new spreadsheet the application cannot guess whether I am going to
enter Hebrew or English data. Nor is it determined by the user interface

Word is similar.

BTW, it is not off topic, the global direction is defined by the Unicode bidi


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> Tex Texin wrote:
> > For example, the case that you are suggesting goes off the rails,
> > is exactly what the user would want if he were going to
> > query the list of just Arabic and Israeli records and then copy and
> > paste them into perhaps a spreadsheet.
> Is it? I've never seen a RTL localized spreadsheet program;
> perhaps the A1 column appears rightmost, in which case pasting the
> logical-order would make the text end up with country in A (rightmost),
> firstname in B, lastname in C. Which is what you want.
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