Re: relation between unicode and font

Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 10:34:00 EST

On 01/06/2001 12:50:00 AM Jukka Korpela wrote:

>It's still a browser bug if the document is declared or implied to be
>ISO 8859-1 encoded and <font face="Tikkana">A B </font> causes something
>else than A B to be displayed.

A government or industry agency can provide specifications related to the
composition of gasoline, and pumps can be configured to support the
specifications, but if a particular trucker delivers a load of sugar-water
to a station and fills their tanks without telling anybody, then there's
not much that the pump can do to stop putting sugar-water in your car.
There is no way that a browser can tell whether the glyph outlines in a
font are appropriate for the character set that has been specified. This is
user error, not a browser bug.

- Peter

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