Re: Unicode-aware FTP client

From: Yung-Fong Tang (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 19:42:54 EST

Hum... interesting. What will you suggest us (Mozilla) to do to enhance
our FTP browser to support similar thing ?

Frank da Cruz wrote:

>> Could you kindly explain what does "Unicode-aware FTP client" mean ?
>> As I understand, the original FTP specification does not transfer any
>> charset information. How does your FTP client AWARE of Unicode ? Do you
>> mean you implement RFC 2640 ?
> No, I mean the client controls everything, demanding absolutely nothing
> of the server; thus these features work even with ancient and minimal
> FTP servers. Obviously, however, the user has to know which character sets
> are involved on each end of the connection.
> The client has some additional smarts about its own environment, of course,
> allowing it to automatically recognize UTF-8, UCS-2, 7-bit text, and 8-bit
> text, as well as binary files. Users can associate the character sets
> of their choice with 7-bit and 8-bit text, e.g. ASCII and Latin-1, or
> KOI-7 and KOI-8.
> For details, see:
> and:
> - Frank

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