Re: Unicode-aware FTP client

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 17:22:53 EST

> Could you kindly explain what does "Unicode-aware FTP client" mean ?
> As I understand, the original FTP specification does not transfer any
> charset information. How does your FTP client AWARE of Unicode ? Do you
> mean you implement RFC 2640 ?
No, I mean the client controls everything, demanding absolutely nothing
of the server; thus these features work even with ancient and minimal
FTP servers. Obviously, however, the user has to know which character sets
are involved on each end of the connection.

The client has some additional smarts about its own environment, of course,
allowing it to automatically recognize UTF-8, UCS-2, 7-bit text, and 8-bit
text, as well as binary files. Users can associate the character sets
of their choice with 7-bit and 8-bit text, e.g. ASCII and Latin-1, or
KOI-7 and KOI-8.

For details, see:


- Frank

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