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From: Dominic (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 15:48:48 EST

Mike Ayers wrote:
> I am looking for a tutorial or introduction to Kang Jie
> typing. Kang Jie, sometimes called Chang Jie, as well as some
> other transliterations (none of which I('m quite sure that I'm
> spelling correctly, as I don't have a reference handy), is a
> language and dialect independent method for typing CJK
> characters (question: is there a general name for
> [hanzi|kanji|hanja]?) based (loosely) on radicals. I have
> software which permits me to type with Kang Jie, bu no idea
> what to type. Does anyone know how I can get started?



I must admit I don't find Cang Jie a particularly intuitive input
method for hanzi, although the author of the page does say (@ top
of page) 'From a chinese perspective there is a very systematic
and logical way in which the keys are mapped onto the english

Than again, he also says (@ bottom of page) 'My personal view on
this method is that it can be quite arbitrary at times, and I do
not use it' !! YMMV I guess :)

I believe too that it needs to be modified to work properly for
simplified hanzi (as used in the PRC for example). A quick check
of my cxterms shows that I have the option of 'Cang Jie' for
traditional hanzi and 'New Cang Jie' for simplified hanzi. Alas, I
don't know how different they are, but would be delighted to find



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