RE: Chemistry on chinesse. (CJK)

From: Pierpaolo BERNARDI (
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 12:23:54 EST

On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, Thomas Chan wrote:

> Characters which are potentially missing include:
> - Characters for elements with atomic numbers above 103 (in either
> traditional or simplified forms, if applicable). These are recent,
> and there have been multiple names for some of them, due to competing
> naming proposals or pre-standardization by IUPAC (or people ignoring
> IUPAC). There was probably a character created for each of the
> competing names--I believe the one for "Hahnium" is one of these.
> - Alternative or deprecated characters that were used at some point
> in time. Usually it has been a tweak in the phonetic part of the
> character.
> - Characters for as-yet unnamed elements, created in a similar fashion
> as names like "unnilseptium" (107-ium). (Yes, I know 107 has a name
> now.)

The table I already mentioned (btw, the dictionary is the Xiandai Hanyu
Cidian) arrives at element 109.

The reported pronunciations for elements 105-109 are: du4, xi3, bo1, hei1,

I cannot check now if these characters are included in Unicode as I don't
have TUS handy in this moment.


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