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Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 06:02:23 EST

Ar 13:56 -0800 2001-01-29, scríobh
>I understand that Bengali Islamic epic poetry (known as "puthi") the metre
>(or it may be a particular metre known as "poyar" or "poear") is marked off
>by the use of double danda and a special character sometimes known as
>"ful". I believe this sometimes looks flower-like or like a circle with
>thin spokes.
>I'm curious about what is thought about how this character should be
>encoded. Since it is used similarly to the double danda in this poetry, one
>might suppose that this should be a character with similar properties to
>the double danda (General Category = Po, Line Breaking = AL), but no such
>character exists in the Bengali range, or in the range of other Indic
>scripts. (The Dingbats range has something kind of like this -- U+2741--
>but this doesn't look quite the same as the samples I've seen, and it has
>different properties: Gen Cat = So).
>Any thoughts on how this should be encoded? Does this represent a new
>character need?

Oh, Peter, how can we possibly know? Shall we guess what it looks like? OK,
I guess it looks flowerlike or like a circle with thin spokes. Since you
probably don't want to use the WHEEL OF DHARMA in Bengali Islamic epic
poetry, why *not* use U+2741? Does its character property actually matter?
Why does it matter for the interpretation, processing, or exchange of
Bengali Islamic epic poetry?

We have a procedure for proposing new characters which you know very well.
To deal with this kind of request we need a few scanned examples of the
beastie in context and a Proposal Summary Form. Of course, as you are
doing, it's good to test the waters before going to all the work of doing
up the forms. But examples are essential.

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