special marks in Bengali poetry

From: Peter_Constable@sil.org
Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 17:00:24 EST

I understand that Bengali Islamic epic poetry (known as "puthi") the metre
(or it may be a particular metre known as "poyar" or "poear") is marked off
by the use of double danda and a special character sometimes known as
"ful". I believe this sometimes looks flower-like or like a circle with
thin spokes.

I'm curious about what is thought about how this character should be
encoded. Since it is used similarly to the double danda in this poetry, one
might suppose that this should be a character with similar properties to
the double danda (General Category = Po, Line Breaking = AL), but no such
character exists in the Bengali range, or in the range of other Indic
scripts. (The Dingbats range has something kind of like this -- U+2741--
but this doesn't look quite the same as the samples I've seen, and it has
different properties: Gen Cat = So).

Any thoughts on how this should be encoded? Does this represent a new
character need?

- Peter

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