Re: special marks in Bengali poetry

Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 08:59:02 EST

>Oh, Peter, how can we possibly know? Shall we guess what it looks like?

I was hoping that there'd be somebody on this list familiar with Bengali
poetry who would know exactly what I'm talking about and what it looks

>why *not* use U+2741? Does its character property actually matter?
>Why does it matter for the interpretation, processing, or exchange of
>Bengali Islamic epic poetry?

These are exactly the kinds of questions I'm trying to see if others have
thought about.

>We have a procedure for proposing new characters which you know very well.
>To deal with this kind of request we need a few scanned examples of the
>beastie in context and a Proposal Summary Form. Of course, as you are
>doing, it's good to test the waters before going to all the work of doing
>up the forms. But examples are essential.

As you said, I am trying to test the waters. There is a character used for
Syloti Nagri which is comparable to the character I described, and I'm
trying to see if the Bengali character has been thought through so that I
might use that as a precident for what to propose for the SN character. I
am preparing a Proposal Summary form along with another document that gives
detailed information about the script, and it will include scans. I don't
have samples of Bengali poetry to show people; if people have thought about
that Bengali character in the past and can provide answers to the questions
I pose, then they don't need scans.

So, Michael, you've responded not by answering the questions I asked but by
asking other questions. Of all the questions on the table, do you have any
thoughts about answers?

- Peter

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