Re: FW: Ericsson introduces T29 for the Asian markets

From: Trond Trosterud (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 06:53:01 EST

>> Ericsson introduces T29 for the Asian markets
>I wonder how they encode the text.

Nokia uses UCS internally on their cellular phones, a good bet is thus that
Ericsson does the same.

Thus, on my old Nokia 5110 phone I can change between a number of menu
languages (European, Near East), but for SMS messages I can utilize only
the repertoire of a 7-bit mobile phone code table (if I am not mistaken, I
have the impression that the repertoire is most of the acharacters of Latin
1, + some greek characters). The task here is thus to make it possible to
send SMS with a larger set.

Whoever feels called to do something, step forward and broaden the SMS!


p.s. Trafic on the list is heavy. Let us think twice before posting, skip
the contentless mails and rather merge several mails into one than sending
many. Many mails with lots of content is ok, many mails essentially saying
"oh, really?!" is not. And please do not start a large debate on this p.s.,
it would sort of prove my point in the wrong way. d.s.

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