Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 15:26:00 EST

> From: "Suzanne M. Topping" <>
> Can anyone comment on how widely used the TRON Character Code is today?

One of the variation of TRON, ITRON, is quite popular in embedded
systems arena, but probably what you are interested in is BTRON, a
desktop variatoin of TRON, which is promoted with its multilingual
features these days. BTRON is not as widely used as the systems using
Unicode today even in Japan, but there are some popularity among the
community consists of whom can not live with Unicode or other
character encodings.

> After doing some surfing on the topic, it appears to be in at least some
> use (primarily in Japan?) I hadn't thought there were any viable
> alternatives to Unicode out there, and was surprised to see TRON looking
> as alive as it does.

A recent version of the comercial implementation of BTRON from
Personal Media, called Cho Kanji 3(Cho means Super in Japanese),
claims 171,500 characters are supported. While we take the
approach of unifying glyphic variants, their approach on this is to
distinguish them all.

> Also, are there other universal character sets lurking out there as
> well?

- Giga Character Set from Coventive Technology.
- UTF2000

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