Re: Unicode complaints

From: Jonathan Coxhead (
Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 21:00:56 EST

   Suzanne M Topping wrote,

> In hunting around for negative opinions about Unicode, ...

   Markus Scherer wrote,

> Let me add one complaint to your list:
> Thai is not stored/used in logical order in Unicode.

   and Michael Kaplan wrote,

> And your suggestion for characters that sort *differently* in different
> locales? You would want to add them multiple times?

   I think there is confusion here ...

   Whether a script is stored/used in logical order (as opposed to presentation
order) in completely unrelated to any collation order or algorithm: it's
whether the characters are stored in the "spoken" order or the "written" order
(according to some algorithm for displaying them), where storage order is
defined in terms of increasing memory addresses.

   The only relationship to collation is that you have to flip them into
logical (spoken) order in order to collate them at all. Once you've done that,
you can still use the full Unicode collation algorithm to get whatever effects
your users require.

   I hope this sheds light rather than casting shadow ...

 o o o (_|/

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