Re: Chess symbols

Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 10:21:46 EDT

>However, the remainder of my contribution was really about Word's
>treatment of Unicode text; and that program does not carry the
>table structure over to the plain text

Of course not. There is no such thing as a representation of a table
structure in plain text. Plain text is simply linear, whereas tables are
more complex. A table absolutely requires a higher-level protocol: either
some form of markup, or else a human brain interpreting a particular visual
rendering of plain text such as what Marco as though it were a table.
(Note: when I read his message, it was not appearing in a monospaced font,
and so it took an extra step for my brain to interpret what I saw as a
table. The point being that the table was something I inferred and was not
itself encoded in the plain text.)

- Peter

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