Re: Chess symbols

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 06:02:17 EDT

William Overington wrote:

> Suppose that one wishes to produce a chess diagram in a Unicode compliant
> manner in a document produced using Word 97 running on either a Windows 95
> platform or a Windows 98 platform,

This is easy, cf. attached file, produced on a Win 98 system with Word 97.
You will need the Code2000 font <> to view
it. I hope I got Sam Lloyd's chess problem rigth ;-)

In Word, I made a 88 table of 1 cm 1 cm cells, with alternating back-
grounds. Then, I placed the pieces there, via "insert symbol". You see,
the pieces are normal characters, the board is formatting (in HTML, you'd
dub it "markup").

> with a view also to save the document as plain text.

Viewing a chess-board in plain text, I deem an unrealistic expectation.

The background shading is a mere matter of style, and does not contribute
to the semantic content of the chess situation; the alternating background
colours are only an aid for the eye.

All you can expect in plain text, is a sequence of chess symbols and blank
spaces. It would be nice to have them arranged in 8 rows, but Word 97 does
not store a table in this way: Rather you will get 64 lines (cf. second
attached file).

Best wishes,
   Otto Stolz


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