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From: Jungshik Shin (
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 16:59:07 EDT

On Fri, 21 Jun 2002, Markus Scherer wrote:

> Frank da Cruz wrote:
> > The traditional solution for CJK terminal emulation is a "duospaced" font, in
> > which the {K,H}an{j,z}i are double-width, the rest are single-width. I'm not
> > aware of any such font for Windows, although I think there is one for Linux

> I am using fonts from Agfa/Monotype: "Monotype Duospace Sans WT J"
> and "Thorndale Duospace WT J".

> With the first font in Notepad (Win2k) I just verified that a line of
> "abcd" appears as wide as a line of "三上" in the same document. (I

  Some 'fixed-width' CJK fonts included in Windows 2000/XP are also
'duospaced'. For instance, 'gulimche' and 'batangche' (as opposed to 'gulim'
and 'batang') for Korean are duospaced.

> hope I can send these <4E09 4E0A> via NS 6.2.)

  They ('三上') got through well.

> > In the future we might consider taking CJK from one font and the
> > rest from another, and painting doublewidth cells for the CJK.

 I guess this approach is more flexible than relying on duospaced fonts
to do the job. With this approach, you can get Kermit to follow the
locale-dependent(or should I say host-dependent) width convention. Putty
does it and I think it's a good terminal emulator under MS-Windows for
UTF-8. MS Word and StarOffice - though they're not terminal emulators
- also let users choose two separate fonts for non-East Asian and
East-Asian portions of text. The same is true of UTF-8 capable xterm
( with two separate options to specify fonts
(-fn and -fw).

  BTW, it's sometimes tricky to decide which character to render in
'full-width' and which to render in 'half-width'. That's locale-dependent
as you know. UTR #11/UAX #11 (
East Asian Width has to be refered to. Moreover, I don't think there's
any established way to exchange the width convention between a host and a
terminal emulator although Markus Kuhn and others have some proposals
( which
I believe you're aware of (since you're on linux-utf8 list when this was

  Jungshik Shin

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