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From: Mark Davis (
Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 16:50:18 EDT

I agree with you. The signal-to-noise ratio has dropped far below what
I have time for. I took the less restrictive route of adding certain
to/from/cc addresses and subject words to a filter list. I chance
missing something interesting that has a filtered subject or address,
but it's better than not seeing anything.

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Subject: There was this thing called Unicode...

> ...not so you'd really notice it around *these* parts, though --
everyone is
> much too busy discussing implementation of scripts in the ConScript
> which they admit will probably never be encoded, getting remedial
> lessons, or trying to change the face of Unicode with new PUA
> that defy my previous belief that people could only run so far off
> before entering the state of what can only be called Bytextosis
bordering on
> Bytextitis.
> Could we please declare a moratorium on all of this nonsense --- er,
> considered debate ---for a little while, and talk about Unicode,
instead? I
> can't be the only person who has gone up to
> and considered
> unsubscribing, in order to raise the average amount of useful
thought per
> mail item in his inbox.
> I could go on for another twelve paragraphs explaining how lame all
of this
> is, but I'd rather not be one of those posts I myself have been
> deleting (a not-so-subtle hint to the overly verbose).
> Think about it.
> Please.
> MichKa

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