RE: Unicode Devanagari Font in Mozilla

From: Michael Jansson (
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 09:25:43 EDT

> Michael (michka) Kaplan wrote:
> (a) ignore the smallest of the two fonts
> (b) ignore the fact that these are EXAMPLES and that there
> may be others

(Sigh...) Size is not the main or only issue. People may as easily fail to
update a Win9x system with Uniscribe and a 23KB font as they would with a
23MB font. The amount of support needed to sort out these users would still
be the same.

I'm not arguing that you can not update one Win9x machine to show Tamil
correctly. I'm arguing that you should not advice companies to tell a
million web users to do that on a broad basis. You need test coverage,
support, etc before doing that.

> In the meantime, people who have other solutions will not
> have to commit the
> previously mentioned hari kari -- since those other solutions are just
> that -- OTHER SOLUTIONS. We love evety single one of them for
> trying --
> though is any one of them chooses to continually (and transparently)
> badmouth the others, our collective opinions will have to
> take this into
> account, k? ;-)

Let's summarize what I have said:
1 - My original posting on this thread clearly states that you need to be
careful when trying to use Uniscribe on Win9x, because it is not officially
supported there. There would be an official "Update your Win9x with
Uniscribe" service pack if it would be possible. Maybe there will be
someday, though I doubt it.
2 - I have exemplified why including download and installation instructions
for upgrading a Win9x machine with Uniscribe is a bad idea. Am I wrong? Am I
badmouthing anyone?

Why are you constantly bringing up the fact that my company offer a solution
that deals with problems on Win9x? Yes, we do. There are several other
solutions from various sources that do that. I don't consider anyone of them
to be perfect (not even our own), because you do not get reliable Unicode
support on Win9x with them. This is not badmouthing any of these solution
(including installing Uniscribe on Win9x). It's the way it is. I'm not
talking about any of these solutions.

Giving advice to people that they should go ahead and update their Win9x
machines with Uniscribe is plain unethical. It's not tested on Win9x. There
are known issues when doing that. Telling people to download and install
fonts, that may or may not have been tested on all platforms, is equally
unethical. period.

em2 Solutions
Michael Jansson

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