*** RECOVERED EMAIL ***: Re: Unicode Devanagari Font in Mozilla

From: James Kass (jameskass@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 10:43:26 EDT

Michael Jansson wrote,

> ... People may as easily fail to
> update a Win9x system with Uniscribe and a 23KB font as they would with a
> 23MB font.


> The amount of support needed to sort out these users would still
> be the same.

Also true. One FAQ page with brief instructions ought to do it.
> I'm not arguing that you can not update one Win9x machine to show Tamil
> correctly. I'm arguing that you should not advice companies to tell a
> million web users to do that on a broad basis. You need test coverage,
> support, etc before doing that.

Uniscribe is a windows application and Microsoft tests it. Both
Microsoft and Apple provide tools to font developers which validate
fonts. TTF/OTF fonts have a rigid structure, if a font passes either
Microsoft's or Apple's font validators yet a system crashes, it's the
system that's got the problem.

> Let's summarize what I have said:


> 1 - My original posting on this thread clearly states that you need to be
> careful when trying to use Uniscribe on Win9x, because it is not officially
> supported there.

I think versions of USP10.DLL ("Uniscribe") exist on just about every
Win9x platform. Since only Unicode-aware software uses Uniscribe,
I can't see how installing a newer version would not be officially

> There would be an official "Update your Win9x with
> Uniscribe" service pack if it would be possible. Maybe there will be
> someday, though I doubt it.

There should be, but I doubt if there will be, too. Not because it's a
bad idea, but because Microsoft doesn't really need to support Win 9x
anymore, it's a dead-end platform.

Please refer to Andrew Cunningham's letter to this list from last
January for more info about Uniscribe and how to update it:
( ...
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> 2 - I have exemplified why including download and installation instructions
> for upgrading a Win9x machine with Uniscribe is a bad idea. Am I wrong?

I think you are wrong about this. I don't think you've proven that
updating Uniscribe is a bad thing, you've only proven that certain
fonts are a bad thing on some platforms.

> Am I
> badmouthing anyone?

Perhaps. Is it badmouthing someone to call them unethical for offering
users instructions on how they can compute in their own language on
their older systems?

Best regards,

James Kass.

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