Re: Basic question: types of diacritics marks

From: Eric Muller (
Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 15:35:54 EDT wrote:

>One other factor to consider is what behaviour you want when people copy
>from, say, a PDF file: a font could have a single GID for 00B4 and 02CA --
>i.e. the cmap maps both these USVs to the same GID -- but then that would
>create a problem for text being copied from PDF.
Just for the record, this is a property of the PDF *creator* rather than
a property of the PDF *format*. Granted, most PDF creators are not as
good as one may wish.

> We have decided to have
>each and every USV map to a unique GID in our cmaps. At that point, the
>glyf entry for one GID might be a composite glyph description that simply
>points to another to get the outline, in effect causing both characters to
>use the same outline data -- or all three characters, for that matter.
For those working with CFF outlines, Type 2 subroutines are the conterpart.


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